The New Hampshire Golf Association wishes to obtain nominations from the general public for candidates to be considered for induction into the New Hampshire Golf Hall of Fame.

Criteria/Categories for Nomination
Any group or person may nominate a candidate for the New Hampshire Golf Hall of Fame. Nominees may include but are not limited to:

  1. Amateur Players
  2. Golf Professionals; to include both playing and teaching/coaching accomplishments
  3. Contributors
    1. This category shall encompass those who’ve made an impact on the game in a non-playing capacity. Relevant examples include:
      1. Superintendents
      2. Architects
      3. Media
      4. Volunteers
      5. Administrators

Any person who has distinguished themselves in one or more of the judging categories above can be nominated. Accomplishments should be in some way tied to the state of New Hampshire and while the preference is to focus on those that have lived in New Hampshire, nominees that have a notable and substantial New Hampshire connection will be considered. The primary emphasis should be on golf related accomplishments and service to the game within the borders of New Hampshire.

Nominations accepted beginning January 1st and must be received by April 30. 

Please complete the online nomination form using the link below.

For any questions, please contact: