The New Hampshire Golf Association wishes to obtain nominations from the general public for candidates to be considered for induction into the New Hampshire Golf Hall of Fame.

Minimum Criteria for Nomination into the New Hampshire Golf Hall of Fame

1. Any person may be considered for nomination. The nominee does not have to presently reside in New Hampshire, however the individual should have an established relationship with the state by virtue of having been born in New Hampshire or distinguished himself or herself in some capacity
associated with the game of golf in New Hampshire or whose golf-related contributions are generally and publicly noted as bringing acclaim to the New Hampshire golf community.

2. Nominees should have achieved a level of experience an acclaim in the game under the criteria below:

a. Amateur Players
b. Golf Professionals – To include accomplishments in playing and/or teaching/coaching
c. Contributors – This category shall encompass those who’ve made an impact on the game in a non-playing capacity.

Relevant fields include:

i. Superintendents
ii. Architects
iii. Media
iv. Volunteers
v. Administrators

Information About Nominees 

The process by which an individual’s name progresses from initial nomination to induction begins with completing the nomination form. The information gleaned from this form can determine the stature or priority given to a person’s candidacy. Those wishing to place names into nomination are encouraged to provide as much accurate data as possible about the individual. Fields are mandatory for the Nominee Information and Nominated By sections and exceptions can be considered by the

New Hampshire Golf Hall of Fame Committee Selection Process 

The NHGHOF Committee consists of six members, representing all areas of the state, men and women golfers, allied golf organizations, and avid golf historians. 

Nominees must receive at least two thirds of the votes from the Committee. In the event that no nominee receives two-thirds, the two nominees that have received the most votes will be voted on again by the Committee. If no candidate on the second ballot receives two-thirds of the vote, there will be no inductee for that cycle. The Committee recommends that in a given year, between three and five candidates should be considered. The Committee will have the right to include posthumous candidates and will consider nominations made from the public.

Nominations accepted beginning January 1st and must be received by April 30. 

Return via U.S. mail or email to:

New Hampshire Golf Association, Attn: HOF Committee
PO Box 2348, Concord, NH 03302